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Hey, Kreett here…

Since you’re on this page,

you likely already know me, and my track record.

If you don’t, 

Well.. hi, I’m Kreettanam.

After building over 100 funnels for my clients, generating $3.7 Mil + in revenue, and working with 7-8 figure coaches like Bastiaan Slot, Noah Kagan, and assisting million-dollar startups like Rooter & Shareachat;

I’ve mastered the art of selling “simple webpages” to businesses.

BUT how did it all start? 

$1300 from 3 Clients. (Aug 2020)

THAT was my best month as a funnel builder back in 2020. 

To hit that, 

I sent hundreds of cold messages.
Kept providing value to my prospects for weeks.
Got on to countless phone calls.

And I did close to $1400 from those 3 clients

Not so bad. (i thought)

But suddenly, 

this newbie guy comes in and leaves my jaw open,

Here’s what he does… 

He creates a new facebook account. 

He posts 2-3 funnel designs that he made,

(those designs were so bad!)

And days later, he bags a client.




‘He made $3000 in a day from one client?’


It seemed he didn’t put any effort.

Or did he? 

I don’t know. 

Not just that, I kept seeing more funnel builders (who were newbies) getting high paying clients with EASE!   

THAT made me embarrassingly confused.

I knew I was missing something

Now when I look back I could see I was making a lot of mistakes…

I was subconsciously hunting for low-ticket clients.

I didn’t have bad*ss funnel offers that can’t be refused!

My outreach wasn’t bringing me a lot of clients.

I had 0 confidence to sell something for over $1-3k

It was a hell of a task to even find people who would invest high ticket.

… and much more!

Took me over $8000 & MONTHS to figure it out…

I knew I lacked knowledge.

Else I’d be there where I wanted. 

Considering that, over the span of 6-8 months, I invested over $8,000 in multiple courses & coaching programs

Most sucked. Some worked.

After continuous trial and error, months of jumping on to all my competitor’s free consultation calls, and working with 7-8 figure clients for free,

I FINALLY discovered a system to get funnel clients that actually works & is seamless. 

It’s BY FAR the easiest and fastest way to get funnel clients, even if you have NEVER worked with any clients before.

This system has been used by the 6-7 figure agency owners across time and generated millions of dollars in sales.

However, most funnel builders, including the “experienced” ones have no clue it even exists

This is why…

Even some newbies manage to get high-ticket clients with ease…

Getting clients has nothing to do with how “good” of a funnel builder YOU are, how much funnel “knowledge” YOU have, or even the skill. 

And it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with how many funnels YOU’VE built. 

After working under these top agencies & coaches, I discovered that the reason why one could sell funnels for high ticket EASIER than anyone else was because of one secret system

A system not known to 95% of the average funnel builders.

It’s so powerful – it literally “forces” your funnel prospects to work with you.

This method systematically draws your prospects in… deeper and deeper.

… until they are asking, “How do I buy?” before you even make your offer!

It’s taken me years of trial and error, mostly error, to create this system which helps me get funnel clients with ease! 

If you’ve never worked with high-ticket funnel clients before… 

… THIS system is EXACTLY for YOU!

Inside you’ll discover…

How to actually pitch $1k – $3k worth of services and get a “YES” most of the time.

Discover the magical words that will help you close anyone for funnels (who is closable)

A NO brainer offer to make at least $1k in the next 30 days (for newbies)

A Secret way to ethically trick your prospects to believing that you are a big deal.

The exact 3 step system which has helped multiple students scale their agency to 4-5 figures

My word-to-word script to say in a video to increase chances of getting clients by 80%

Why not having a 10-min video could be the only reason you’re not getting clients.

My exact DM + Email scripts that has got me over 100 deals

How to find millions of people who have at least $1,000 for funnel projects

I’ve condensed this secret system & all my knowledge into an exclusive, simple-to-use course,

so you can explode your funnel agency by positioning yourself the right way and sending the right funnel offers.

introducing …

Sell Funnels For A Living


Gives you a clear cut plan on:

The $100B Funnel opportunity.

Grabbing $1-3k funnel clients.

Delivering results to clients!

YOU get the ability to build a profitable funnel business,

For just…



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This is the course I wish I had when I started Selling Funnels.

The step-by-step way to get started with funnels!

Module 1

Laying the Foundations

The mindset of Selling Funnels

Funnels. Are. Evergreen 

Selling Funnels = Selling More SALES

Module 2

Getting Started

Roadmap to your first $1000

How newbies can 100% win!

Decrypting the Coaching Space

Module 3

Creating Offers (+ 2 DFY Offers)

How to create no-brainer offers

Low to High Ticket Strategy

2 DFY Funnel Offers (HOT Share)

Module 4

PRO Positioning & Branding

Positioning yourself as an Expert.

Content to Clients System

Video Outreach Strategy (with scripts)

Module 5

Getting Clients.

Finding Rich Clients for funnels.

Get Clients via Emails (+ scripts)

Get Clients from Linkedin (+ scripts)

Module 6

Delivering Results to Clients.

Sales Page Copywriting (with ChatGPT)

Design & Delelopment Tutorial

$100K Sales Page Frameworks 

Module 7

Simplifying your Journey

5 Fixes to Get Clients FAST.

Gameplan for 30 Days.

How to Actually CLOSE Deals.

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Our Risk Free Guarantee

Listen, we get it… 

We know what it’s like to feel uncertain about an investment in yourself. 

That voice inside your head that says “But is this going to work for me?” 

Well, one thing you’re going to love about this, besides the incredible value and everything you’re going to learn, is our guarantee. 

Watch the lessons… Duplicate all the notion templates… Test out all the strategies… Implement what’s being said… 

And, within 30 days, if you can’t genuinely state that I did not deliver at least 100% more value than you bought this program for & you didn’t get any results… you will be entitled to a full refund. 

Apply what’s being said & Get Results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I enroll if I don't have any clients yet?

That’s what you’ll learn. In the initial modules you’ll learn how to land your first agency client fast. Once that’s achieved, you’ll have the confidence and momentum to continue growing your agency.

How long does it take to close my first client?

Not closing a client in the first 45 days would be impossible if you use this information

How much money do I need to start?

You don’t need any money to get your next funnel client. Tools like LinkedIn sales nav comes with a 60-day free trial and it’ll pay for itself once the trial is over.

Will I get free access to Sell Funnels for a Living 3.0?

Yes, you will, along with free access to any/all future modules we add.

How can I ask questions in the course?

You can ask questions in the comments section of most modules, or you can just join our discord and get your queries answered from our OGs.

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